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Evolution FCR

First Call Resolution improvement with Evolution FCR​

  • Evolution FCR is an innovative overlay software solution that requires no new telephony hardware or software.

  • Depending on your environment, it can be deployed and utilized in as little as one week.


Before we explain exactly what you can do with Evolution FCR, we would like to tell you how easily this solution can be added to your current call center.

For the sake of a high level explanation we are limiting our explanation to include, your ACD, IVR and Agent Pool.


Primas solution is composed of 3 elements

  • Primas provided IVR application (Pre Screen). This integrates to our LinkScope CTI Data warehouse and Queue Management Engine

  • Vector configuration changes that can be administered in as little as 20 minutes (Instructions provided by Primas)

  • Primas provided Experience Pop notification client that deploys to the agent desktop


How it works

Primas Evolution FCR monitors call traffic to notice repeat callers based upon unique identifiers and then logs them into a database. Repeat callers are tracked and detailed reports are created at the DNIS, Skill Set, and Agent level. From this foundation, several real-time actions can occur:

  • Repeat callers can be presented with the option to return to the last agent, creating continuity in the call and reduces total talk time.

  • Strategic routing decisions can be automated to deliver the call to specific agents trained to deal with repeat callers.

  • Real-time information is delivered to all agent desktops with key data about the incoming call. The data includes the frequency of the calls and the previous agent IDs. This allows the agent to refer to the last agent and create continuity in the call.

Once the call is complete several survey options automatically gage and confirm customer satisfaction. The goal is to ensure that the second call treatment resolves the customer issue and does not turn into several more costly calls.


  • Tracks and logs all calls through CTI connectivity

  • Full cradle-to-grave historical data on each call that can be compared to voice recordings

  • Multiple layers of reports, separating out repeat callers by number of repeat calls

  • Real-time alerts to agents that provide insight into the call they are receiving

  • Web Services interface for advanced programming and 3rd party integrations


  • Reduces total talk time identifying excessive repeat callers for unique handling

  • Retains customer loyalty enhancing the overall experience

  • Dynamically improves and empowers the agent's repeat call treatment ability

Your contact center has the added benefit of increasing the utilization and return on investment of their existing equipment.

To learn more about Evolution FCR, call now at 888-477-4627

Or, use the contact form below to request a demonstration.

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