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Experience Pop

Improve your performance and productivity in less than a day!

  • Take advantage of existing infrastructure

  • Improve agent performance

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

This innovative approach empowers key members of your contact center

Call Center Manager

  • Custom dashboard display

  • Overview of call center operations and status

Agent Supervisor

  • CTI Screen Pop

  • System alert notifications viewed in desktop tray

  • Call lookup and tracing displaying CTI messages for all calls

Customer Service Representatives

  • Custom alert notification enables improved customer service

  • Enables first call resolution rates

  • Provides Foundation for a repeat call treatment plan


  • Near real-time capture of CTI messages for Nortel, Avaya and Aspect

  • Low integration cost

  • Passive - does not generate CTI traffic

  • Continuous monitoring of call center CTI traffic

  • Near real-time alerting when error states occur generating e-mails with log file attachments and SNMP alerts

  • Reporting on call center status


  • Primas Screen Pop Solutions are installed and operating in the leading ACD vendor solutions

    • Aspect

    • Nortel

    • Avaya

    • Cisco

  • CTI services installed and operational

  • Custom tailored solutions are available.

Schedule a demonstration and learn how our Experience Pop solution can help you transform your contact center today

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