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Primas CX


PrimasCX is a revolutionary package of Contact Center features that are most often developed with professional services as an add-on to vendor supplied equipment.  ACD’s,  as the name implies, distribute the inbound calls to skilled agents using a set of highly refined rules contained in the system.

What’s missing, however, are the features that Customers want!  Like “Callbacks” when disconnected, or when queues are too long, or when browsing on the internet and a Click can put you in queue.

PrimasCX offers these features to your existing system together with many other features listed below, using two (2) Pre-packaged VMware VMs. 

- One VM contains a MSQL database and other related software which stores and mines CTI data,

- A Second VM houses a SIP connected Asterisk system which serves as an inbound / outbound IVR system used for communicating to callers as well as a dialing subsystem into the ACD.

The Magic of our solution is the Virtual Queue that we have created within PrimasCX that allows us to easily integrate external subsystems into an ACD such that Omni-Channel support can be Sandboxed on site within a week.  Without any upgrades, imagine turning a voice only agent, into a multichannel agent!

  • Omni-Channel

    • Voice

    • Chat

    • Email

    • Facebook

    • Web

  • Customer Callback

    • Web

    • Long Queue Time

    • Disconnect

    • Omni-Channel

  • Agent Productivity & Feedback Tools

    • Agent Screen Sharing

    • First Call Resolution

    • Last Agent Routing

    • Reporting

  • Automated & Intelligent Customer Surveys

To watch a quick demonstration of our omni-channel solution click here.

To learn more or schedule a demonstration give us a call at 888-477-4627 or use the contact form below.

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