To meet all of your business IVR, CTI & Speech programming and application development needs we offer these integrated professional services:

  • Project management

  • Script development

  • Programming

  • Host interfacing/development

  • Application development

  • IVR design and development

  • CTI design and development

  • Speech application design and development

  • System monitoring




Computer Telephony Integration

Interactive Voice Response

Know-how, Strategy & Guidance



The Primas Group has provided application development, software and technology solutions, as well as professional services to customer contact centers since 1994.

Experience, quality, and reliability, have earned us the trust of some of the largest customer contact centers in the industry.

Our customers choose us because of our comfort in multi-vendor environments, our partnerships with industry veterans and leaders, and our insistence on putting our customer's business needs ahead of technology.  

Customer contact center managers like you are on the front lines of business. Your customers demand high-touch services and instant access to solutions and information. Your management pushes for lower costs and greater efficiencies in your department. Satisfying both needs simultaneously is a challenge.

Often, a hardware equipment manufacturer or cloud services provider doesn’t provide ideas and strategies that focus on your business needs but rather on the products in their tool kit. That's why you need Primas.

Here are four (of the many) benefits to working with us:

  • Independent. Primas provides independent, vendor-neutral consulting services from experts in the Contact Center field. This includes technology and software solutions that can be premises based or cloud based. We select products to meet your needs and budget, not someone else's quarterly sales goals.

  • Custom-designed products. Primas also offers its own, custom-designed analytical products, such as LinkScope and Intelligent Post Call Survey that are designed in our application development lab and are developed to meet the unique needs of contact centers. Learn More

  • Affordable. Our service fees and products give you maximum ROI. In many cases, Primas is 25% less than other system integrators and manufactures.

  • Efficient. Primas can react much quicker than many larger companies. Your issues will be resolved with much less hassle and process than you experience with larger organizations.

In summary, we can assist you with application development, technology solution, reconnecting disconnected or dropped calls, first call resolution, call backs, post call surveys and so much more. If you are cloud based or have on-site systems or a mix of the two, we can help improve your production and profitability. As an independent outsider The Primas Group can tailor and customize solutions to your business needs at an affordable price.  

Why Primas?

We aim to partner with you and understand that contact center technology is ultimately a means to an end - to ensure the continued growth and success of your business through satisfied customers and efficient operations.

This attitude, combined with our team, experience and solutions, helps us work with you to bring your contact center to the level of access and ease today's busy customers expect.

Our proven technology solutions help enhance the customer experience resulting in improved satisfaction and reduced customer defections. We use tools to maximize your existing infrastructure that also translate to increased ROI. Our easy to implement products work with premises and cloud based technologies

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